Information Systems is concerned with information, language and cognitive systems. Its central goal is promoting the development of general theories of complex systems and quantitative methodologies for communication research variety of domains. This focus brings together people with a wide range of interests and specialties. Member interests include: studies of information flows, the human interface with communication technology, and life in an information society: cognition, including information processing of direct and mediated communication and the construction of cognitive models; artificial intelligence applications in language, logic, and reasoning; modeling and study of interaction systems.

Members have pioneered analytical techniques in areas of network analysis, information theory, structural modeling, interaction analysis, content analysis and linguistic data processing systems. Issues in the philosophy of science, cybernetic epistemology, theory and ethics are regular concerns as well.


Call for Papers

Information Systems is a Division that prides itself on developing a conference environment encouraging interaction between scholars with data and ideas to share.

Most papers accepted for presentation will be programmed into high-density sessions. These sessions will feature extremely brief (3-minute) presentations of each study followed by author/audience interaction taking place at research posters created by the authors.

Student submissions are encouraged. Papers solely authored by students are eligible for the Best Student Paper designation. Please identify your paper as a student paper when submitting it through the All Academic System, not within the body of the paper itself.

Three types of submissions will be accepted for review.

Category 1: Completed papers or extended abstracts reporting on new research. This category includes all data-based studies reporting new results. Abstracts are limited to 4 pages, double-spaced. Completed papers are limited to 25 pages, double-spaced. Only completed papers will be considered for presentation on the Best of Information Systems panel at the conference.

**Please note - submission of extended abstracts for review implies acknowledgement by the authors that data will be collected, analyzed to the extent suggested in the abstract, and presented at the upcoming conference regardless of findings.

Category 2: Theoretical or programmatic research papers. This category includes substantial new syntheses of several related studies (programs of research) or major reviews of important bodies of research. Full papers are required and are limited to 25 pages, double-spaced.

Category 3: Panel proposals featuring debates or spotlights on current issues, bodies of scholarly work, or methodologies. Panel proposals should include participants' names, abstracts of papers, background information on participants, and a justification for the panel. This justification should explain the importance of the topic and why it is of interest to division members.

If you have questions, please contact  InfoSystems Vice-Chair, Prabu David,

Note: All page limits do not include references, tables, or figures. Submissions that do not observe page limitations will not be sent for review. Neither will submissions containing author identification on a title page.